A Christmas Carol

In the days before Christmas the snow fell heavily. The landscape, especially in parks and forests, was beautiful. The roofs of the houses looked white. People on the street and in shops, many of them dedicated to agriculture and cattle-were happy and said: «Year of snow, year of property.» Because next year would have plenty of water to grow and work in the fields.

The children had already left on vacation. At the Salazar family, youth and small were very entertaining: Juan Pablo, 16, watched movies on television, Mauricio-teenager and big fan of music-was dedicated to lowering many melodies, Paty, who was 14 and was quite communicative, kept chatting on your computer, Daniel, 13, used to spend hours talking and texting on his cell phone and Ale, the smallest with its nine years, was very fun with a new videogame.

The house had a pleasant temperature due to the heat, but outside there was an average of zero degrees Celsius. And the poor, who had no such comfort, went wrong.

One day, the parents of the family, Jose Luis and Marcela, told their children:

-They have to thank you very much to God that never lacked anything. But there are people suffering, is single and has no affection. Check your closets and take off all their clothes and toys in good condition because we will go to an orphanage to visit children living in poor and neglect …

They had not finished speaking when John Paul and Patty began to make excuses saying they had meetings with friends during those days and did not have time for that. Ale, the smallest, concluded that he did not want to leave her dolls or video games.

Dad encouraged to be generous, saying that rather than thinking about their things, they should get used to worry about the needs of others.

So the next day, collecting clothes and toys, and children reluctantly frankly, out toward the orphanage. On reaching the expected principal, Mother Mercedes, a nun with her white habit and smiling, in his 50s.

At first, the kids did not want cohibieron and get off the truck. Mother then encouraged them and said,

-Come down and that children are waiting.

Paty and Ale then went to where the girls were accompanied by their old dolls.

-Hello, Paty said the first one found. What’s your name?

-Lolis. -Answered.

– Do you want a doll?

-First I want a sweater because I have very cold.

Immediately, Paty took from his bag a lovely huge pink sweater and put it on.

I have never had a doll in my life, Lolis said.

– Why? Paty asked astonished.

I do not know who my parents and I stopped here from newborn.

-Then take this and other like-you touched Ale said.

And so it went visiting other small that with his eyes showed a great joy for those unexpected gifts.

Meanwhile, John Paul, Maurice and Daniel were in the children’s ward.

– Do you like football? John Paul asked a child.

-Yes, and I’m going to «America».

– I! I’ll give this ball and a shirt of «America.»

– For my own? Asked the boy beaming with joy.

Well, the ball is to play here and share it with your classmates.

Another boy came and said he wanted to be a video game. A cost Mauricio part with their favorite toy but eventually gave it to the little warmly.

-Here, take this and I’ll teach you how to play.

Others preferred that they be given coats, scarves, wool shirts and pants …

A small orphanage, Mauricio asked if it had more than enough gloves.

There were abrigadores small black gloves and exclaimed with joy:

– At last I will be able to play in the snow!

 The boys mother, Marcela, I prepared small orphanage of a delicious hot chocolate, while the father, Jose Luis, were given bags of sweets and chocolates, with the help of all his children.

So passed that morning. Mother Mercedes thanked them. Once back in the van, the small Ale told his mom that next year would look better bring their dolls for girls. John Paul and the other guys said they wanted to come more often. Paty said nothing, only came out the big tears and wiped.

– Why are you crying, my daughter? Marcela asked.

He was quite comfortable locked in my house, but I never thought I could do so many girls happy with my collection of dolls and clothes, and devoting some of my time. Today was the happiest day of my life and I want to come back every year!


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