The maximum discrimination

Recently, the European Parliament has condemned-just as some feminists do some time-selection abortion and prenatal sex, that is, for an end to the lives of children by the mere fact of being such. Certainly a remarkable resolution, if one takes into account the avalanche abortionist invades us today, as some recent events.

For example, in its latest report on the state of the world population, the UNFPA is advocating a new «human right»: the «family planning.» Thus, aims to achieve complete control over procreation, which obviously includes abortion in pregnancy ‘unwanted’ or even to an ‘unwanted child’, if it is not for the wanted sex or not with pathologies is willing to accept.

For his part, UN Women is calling for the eradication of violence against women worldwide, since according to the agency, they live in a ‘state of fear’. And while there are many positive aspects, it must be very suspicious to realize that pregnancy is being increasingly seen as an act of «violence» against women if it is not wanted by it.

In Ireland, a pregnant woman has died recently in a tragic way, and although it is still unclear whether this could have been avoided with an abortion, the situation has been cleverly exploited by the abortion lobby to demand the liberalization of the practice in that country.

And of course, as has become customary international various documents and reports continue to warn about the alleged «overpopulation» of the planet, calling-and funding-take drastic policies of birth control, including surgical or chemical abortion on especially in poor countries.

Now if for supporters / as abortion is considered: 1) a ‘human right’, 2) a method of birth control, 3) some ‘essential’ health of the woman to the point that for some pregnancy is a ‘sexual’-transmitted disease, 4) a request for release of the «violence» they suffer; 5) how to shake their shoulders the real «punishment» of motherhood; 6) a essential tool for professional and personal development of women in order to place it in a situation similar to that of men, and if coupled with this, 7) the unborn is anything but a person, what are scandalized some / when it is reported as selective abortion of girls?

On this basis it is impossible to prevent further discrimination against women arbitrary: kill unborn just because they are women. All this was the result, paradoxically, in a series of pseudoderechos in theory, intended exactly the opposite.

* Max Silva Abbott

Doctor of Laws

Professor of Philosophy of Law

Universidad San Sebastián



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