Teen Pregnancy: between despair and motherhood

Mexico City, November, 2012. – «When I was pregnant I thought it was the worst thing that could happen. He was only 17 and definitely what I wanted was to be a mom. » So says Ana Gomez, one of the many teenagers who have been surprised by early childbearing.

«I had to think long, had to abort. It was then I looked on the internet somewhere that could help me. I made an appointment and I went. What happened in that place changed my life forever, because I knew that abortion was the only alternative: institutions had helped women in my situation. «

Ana Gomez To choose motherhood was not easy. It was part of a poor family, his father was an alcoholic and both she, like her mother and sister were victims of violence and physical abuse since he could remember how she could provide a better life for a baby who seemed further complicate their precarious situation?

«When my dad found out, things got worse at home. It was then that I decided to get out or in one of his drunken dad would kill me to death. I dialed the phone number they had given me the day I wanted to abort. They sent me a taxi and got, without looking back, not knowing if it was true about the help or if I had gotten worse. That was how I came to Yoliguani and my life changed completely. I found the home I always wanted. «

According to an investigation realizadaen the Ministry of Health of the Mexican Social Security Institute, between 25 and 33% of pregnant women experience some form of violence in pregnancy (INEGI, 2005).

«A pregnant woman is one of the most vulnerable groups of society, a situation that is compounded when you consider that is facing an unexpected pregnancy and in distress,» says Sergio Palma, Yoliguani Manager (www.yoliguani.org) institution housing pregnant women in distress to provide free, not only medical care and care appropriate to their situation, but the emotional support and stability they need to live the experience of motherhood. «The girls who come to Yoliguani are staffed by professional, trained in the medical, nutritional, psychological and even spiritual. And that is something very important, because the vast majority of these women have experienced terrible situations (abuse, abuse, street children, abandoned) that trigger the comprehensive reconstruction of themselves, so that when your baby is born to give love and security needs «the lawyer pointed Palma.

Yoliguani is a social welfare institution that raises funds through donations from public and private organizations and events organized at different times of the year. One example is the «Great Toy Bazaar» which opens on 27, 28 and 29 November in Vicente Guemes 180, Lomas Viceroys (Do not miss!). The proceeds in this pre-Christmas sale will help continue the noble work of maternity protection.

Source: www.TAD.net

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